If you want to explore Ferizaj by yourself, or need to get somewhere, you can do it through Public Transport, or by Taxi. But also you can rent a car. There are plenty of opportunities to travel in Ferizaj.

Ferizaj is very busy city, but still have no urban transport. You can either walk through Ferizaj, rent e bike or use a lot of local taxi that are located in multiple areas of Ferizaj.

Bus Transport- Many buses run between the major cities of Kosova. Bus travel is inexpensive and a good way of seeing the countryside. Buses travel nearly always in the day-time, but they do not always run to a regular schedule. A long-distance fare, such as from Ferizaj to Prizren or Peja, costs between 4 and 10 Euros. Many travelers prefer to use the many private vans that rival the scheduled bus routes but which operate almost entirely without schedules or set fares. You should always consider the condition of the van before choosing to travel in one, as many operate informally.

Trains- The rail network comprises approximately 334.7 km of single track, and all trains in Kosova are diesel-powered. Rail travel is affordable, but generally considerably slower than other means of transport. n Kosovo, the construction of railways lines first took place in 1874 where the first railway line was built for the destination from Hani Elezit to Fushe Kosove and to Mitrovice. On 27 September 1999, the Kosovo Train for Life charter train arrived in Pristina, bringing aid and rolling stock in connection with the Kosovo Force peace-keeping efforts.[3] As of 2014, Kosovo railways stretch almost throughout the entire territory of Kosovo, with the exception of two cities – Gjilan and Gjakova.

Rent a Car- Book a car today from leading national and international car rental companies. There are many companies offering a car rental service online. Good quality local companies offer competitive prices and flexibility. With their large car fleets and good range of models these companies will provide you with a suitable vehicle in which to explore this exciting country.

Taxis- There are many taxi companies in Ferizaj. You can find them easily on the Internet, or at most street corners; the prices are pretty much standard. It costs approximately 20–30 euro to reach Ferizaj from the airport. Inside the city, depending on your destination, you can get around for 3 or 4 euros.