Tourist information center

The official tourist information center stands just in front of Museum and Gallery hall in Ferizaj. As well as housing an ever-increasing stock of printed materials on what to see and do in Ferizaj, this is also a good place to come for books and leaflets on Kosova`s other major tourism attractions.

Currency Exchange

Exchanging currency in Kosovo is straightforward. There are many licensed exchange shops in Ferizaj with several located near the center, some behind the Court, and others near the Banks located in Ferizaj. We advise you to always ask for a receipt for your transaction.

Learn some Albanian

Some basic phrases in Albanian and their comparable English pronunciations:

Mirëdita = meer-detae = Good Day

Mirëmëngjes = meer – men – jazz = Good Morning

Faleminderit = fall – ae – minter – it = Thank you

Si jeni ? = See – ye – ne ? = How are you?

Mirë = Me – rae = Good

Po = Po = Yes

Jo = Yo = No


Useful numbers in Ferizaj/Kosovo 

Airport Tel. +383 38 5015021214

Lost Luggage Tel. +383(0) 38 501 502 1270
+383(0) 38 501 502 1271

Police Information Tel. 192

Police Emergency Tel. 080019999

Traffic Police Tel. +383 290/321 899

Fire Department Tel. +383 290 27 740 or 993

Emergency Room Tel. +383 290 20 053

24 hour Pharmacy Tel. –


Public Holidays 2018

-New Year (1/2 January),

-Orthodox Christmas (7 January)

-Independence Day (17 February)

-Catholic Easter Day (27 March)

-Orthodox Easter Day (1 May)

-Labour Day (1 May)


Insurances Companies in Ferizaj

Insurance market is fairly new to Kosovo. It came up during the transition years and was  developed within the democratic system. Nowadays, Kosovans are ensuring their lives and their wealth and travel. There are  some providers if you need any help with insurance during your stay in Ferizaj, Kosovo, such as: Sigal; Eurosig, Scardian, Insig etc

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Post offices

If you want to send a postcard from Ferizaj to your loved ones, here are a couple of post offices in the center of Ferizaj.

  1. Main Square
  2. Te shkolla Teknike
  3. Gjinali`s str.


Facebook: Posta e Kosoves



opening hours

Monday – Wednesday: 8:00am/4:30pm

Thursday: 8:00am/5:00pm

Friday: 9:00 am/20:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday closed

Time zone