Mayor:Agim Aliu 

Population:around 150.000


Territory:345 km2

Sea Level:500 m

Postal Code:7000

Prefix:+381 290

Vehicle Tables:05


Municipality of Ferizaj – The city of Ferizaj is located in the south of Kosovo, more precisely on the right side of the Prishtina-Skopje highway, 37 kilometers away from the capital Pristina. Ferizaj has 345km², including forty-five (45) surrounding villages. This area has a population of 108,690 inhabitants. Ferizaj is a relatively new city, and as a municipality it has started to develop since 1873, when the railway and the railway station were built. At the time of speaking there was a hotel that existed and its owner was Feriz Shashivari, based on the name of the owner Ferizaj received this name. After the war, this city was relatively destroyed. Today, compared to other cities, it is considered as the second most developed city after Pristina in Kosovo and is considered to be a trading city in Kosovo. Some of the factories and enterprises that many years ago were the base for expanding the economy in this municipality are still functional. Some of these factories and enterprises are: steel pipe factory, oil factory, exotic fruit factory, brick factory etc. Ferizaj is one of the most important cities in the Republic of Kosovo in many aspects for both culture, sport and economy.